Our services include the following professional product imaging categories: 3D hero shot animated video, 3D CGI modeling and rendering, 360 degree spin photography, ghost mannequin photography, product still photography and fine art reproduction.

3D Hero Shot Animated Video

Video / High Resolution
•  Elegant presentation shows product benefit and context
•  High frame rate for smooth animation

•  Professional voiceover and soundtrack available

•  High resolution still frame capture for print media imaging

360 Degree Spin Photography

HTML5 player / up to 360 frames

• Simple, cost-effective and custom

• Clean white backgrounds

• Put your customers in control when viewing your products

• Useful and effective image zoom from any angle

Black Boots Professional Product Photography

Product Photography

Digital Stills / High Resolution

• High quality, classic product photography

• All necessary post-production done in-house

• Digital imaging, proofing and press-ready CMYK color correction

• Large ground level studio for oversize, heavy subjects.

3D CGI Modeling and Rendering

Video / High Resolution

• Highly detailed images rendered at any resolution

• Your CAD files imported & transformed into photo-realistic images

• Fly-by, pan and zoom, spin animations for short product videos

• Generate pre-sales and investor interest 

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Digital Stills / High Resolution

• Garments have natural look without distraction and expense of live model

• Inside lining visible to show fabric color and pattern

• Products hold their shape and appear natural

• Certain product features can be shown more effectively


Fine Art Services

Digital Prints / High Resolution

• High resolution image capture

• Medium format camera; oversize flatbed capability; drum scanner

• Archival output to canvas and fine art papers

• Image re-purposing for web, magazine, portfolio advertising