Solar panel mount

Solar panel mount

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3D CGI Modeling and Rendering

Background: Client Research and Development department supplied 3D export from product development CAD manufacturing file along with material color and finish direction to be applied to the 3D model. Model was rendered with appropriate environment and lighting attributes. Clifford Creative Group delivered final HD color render for print and created a fully interactive digital asset with annotations for online presentation to marketing partners, field technicians and installers.

Bottom line: Clifford Creative Group can create a robust technical illustration from clients engineering drawings (CAD). Then convert it into 3D where it can be rendered from any angle, spun around and animated.

CGI (computer generated imaging) creates still and animated, real and imaginary digital product images.

Benefit: Impressively describe functionality, performance and introduce prototypes.

About: An excellent choice if you don’t yet have physical product; used for pre-sales, patent registration or to generate investor interest. Also, an ideal application for product training, education, how-to-use and assembly instructions.

Our modeling and rendering process uses mathematical representation of any three-dimensional object (real or imagined) producing engaging true-to-life – and entertaining – animated product images that tell a story and sell themselves.