Encoder Wheel

Encoder Wheel

3D CGI Modeling and Rendering

Background: This thin metal part, in real life, is only .985″ in diameter and .002″ thick. The actual part was scanned at 4096 dpi on a drum scanner which gave a very high res scan at actual size.  The Clifford Creative Group is one of the few studios who still have this type of scanner. Then, the image was converted to vector art in Adobe Illustrator, saved as an .ai file. The .ai file was then imported into a 3D modeling program, extruded to 3D and rendered.

Bottom line: Clifford Creative Group can create a technical illustration of a tiny object that can’t be measured with ordinary graphic arts tools. Then convert it into 3D where it can be rendered from any angle, spun around and animated.

CGI (computer generated imaging) creates still and animated, real and imaginary digital product images.

Benefit:  Impressively describe functionality, performance and introduce prototypes.

About:  An excellent choice if you don’t yet have physical product; used for pre-sales, patent registration or to generate investor interest. Also, an ideal application for product training, education, how-to-use and assembly instructions.

Our modeling and rendering process uses mathematical representation of any three-dimensional object (real or imagined) producing engaging true-to-life – and entertaining – animated product images that tell a story and sell themselves.