Clifford Creative Group is a Product Imaging Studio

Specializing in 360 degree spin product photography, 3D CGI modeling and rendering, 3D hero shot animated video, ghost mannequin photography, product still photography, graphic design and fine art reproduction.

Clifford Creative Group supports the marketing efforts of a wide variety of businesses, with execution that is second to none.  Or products are created for use on the web and in print. We have the tools, experience and creative space to provide effective product presentation solutions for all industry types.

Our humble beginnings go back to the handset and cold type days. Over the decades, we have adapted the tried and true techniques of the past to the computer age of today and earned our place among the leaders of the digital revolution. Along the way, we have watched as the old school, proprietary methods fell by the wayside while holding onto the core principles of high-quality photography processes and digital printing of all types; and ultimately maturing into today’s digital imaging magic.

Clifford Creative groups partners with Studio Nine Commercial Photography on various projects.

Founder, Brian Clifford is a prolific mix of advanced digital technology know-how and classical fine arts expertise. He is an award-winning artist with years of experience in creative design.  His innovative and out-of-the-box thinking allows him to experiment and challenge the way people see everyday products by delivering new, crisp, interactive, and engaging images.

 To see Brian Clifford’s fine art paintings, go to his gallery.