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At Clifford Creative Group we are in the business of creating creative images that move for product marketers.
Our motion imaging enhances your e-commerce website with product presentations that wow customers, support your marketing efforts, and respect your brand.
We promise, we'll change the way your customers see your product - for the better!

Our Services

360 Degree Spin Photography

360 degree spin photography is the fastest growing rich media seen on internet retail sites today.

Benefit: Proven to increase your product sales and reduce returns.

About: Our professional 360 degree spin photography system captures a series of still images on specialized equipment that rotates the product a predetermined number of frames. The images are then edited, formatted and integrated with an online viewer that allows a consumer to see the product from various angles by using interactive swipes to rotate. Users may also zoom in on any frame with the magnifier tool.

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin photography is a must-have for any e-commerce apparel store owners.

Benefit:  Gives your customer an in-store experience. Products hold their shape, appearing real, professional and consistent, without the distraction or expense of a live model – leading to greater buy-in.

About: This sophisticated product presentation is executed through a combination of digital photography and software techniques to significantly improve the quality of your product photos and apparel representation.

3D CGI Modeling and Rendering

CGI (computer generated imaging) creates still and animated real and imaginary digital product images.

Benefit:  Impressively describe functionality, performance and introduce prototypes.

About:  An excellent choice if you don’t have a physical product yet; used for pre-sales, patent registration or to generate investor interest. Also, an ideal application for product training, education, how-to-use and assembly instructions.

Our modeling and rendering process uses mathematical representation of any three-dimensional object (real or imagined) producing engaging true-to-life animated product images that tell a story and sell themselves.

Product Photography

Great product photography is essential to all successful e-commerce websites.

Benefit: Your product will get more clicks and sales while looking attractive, crisp, clean and professional.

About: Our many years of experience in the professional photography business will make your products stand out. We hold onto the core principles of high quality photography, multi-point lighting, post-production digital details, and an eye for the creative – to put your product in its best light.

3D Hero Shot Animated Video

Our 3D Hero Shot Animated Video product presentation combines 360 degree spin, pan and zoom camera movements and professional photography techniques.

Benefit: Explains complex products and shows product benefit with one view.  And adds sophistication to your most valued product.

About: A high-end multiplex video presentation combining spin, zoom, lighting and an optional text layer. Our meticulous lighting and high end digital post production processing creates a moving image sure to convince and captivate your customer.

Fine Art Division

Serving the needs of the fine art community with high resolution scanning and image capture.

Benefit: Image quality is paramount when promoting your work. We provide the high production values that matter.

About: We take the utmost care with your fine art pieces using the highest quality giclée printmaking techniques available. Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with pigmented inks onto various archival fine art substrates, including canvas and rag paper. In many cases, our reproductions are virtually indistinguishable from the original. High resolution digital capture is key to cataloging and presentation on your website.

Grab Customers With Product Images That Move

Clifford Creative Group Product Images that Sell

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Clifford Creative Group is dedicated to attracting more customers to your product.
We work directly with Marketing Directors, Creative Directors, Brand Managers, and E-Commerce Webmasters to create custom visual content that stands out.
Our creative depth combined with cutting edge digital technology produces product images that sell, reduce product returns, and outshines the other guy's brand.


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